Over the last 11 years, Michael and his group have consulted on an array of projects in Miami and beyond. Having graduated from the University of Miami ’96, he worked for a local architect. M.C. Harry & Associates for over 8 years. Acquiring his architecture license in 2002, Michael went on to an MBA at University of Florida ’04 with an eye towards real estate development. Along with undergraduate work in Finance and Structural Engineering, an MBA provided a broad view and understanding of the field of creating buildings, and businesses alike.

Clients have found this perspective and unique combination of credentials extremely valuable, both in terms of creativity and financial returns. Combining years of architectural practice with several years of full-time field construction experience and an entrepreneurial spirit, Michael has formed a unique skill set and broad perspective on the development process. M3 Design + Development is the vehicle that now brings a broad range of services to various types of clients.

As you will see in our project/client list we have applied our skills to projects ranging from $1M to $150M. Understanding the differences, nuances, and requirements of large-scale vs. small-scale projects of various types. Our efficiencies and knowledge reap greater rewards the larger the project. The overriding and unique value that M3 brings to their clients is the ability to formulate and lead the execution of projects. By combining a deep technical knowledge and resourceful creativity aimed at problem solving, M3 Design + Development generates projects that are profitable and beautiful.