Architecture / Engineering

With fully insured and licensed design professionals on staff along with licensed engineering partners, our firm can produce complete design and construction documents for projects. We can produce projects ranging up to 100M+ and involving any level of complexity.

Our design philosophy is modern and sustainable with influences of sculpture and efficiency alike. We believe in bringing to the design what is needed and appropriate while imbuing it with spirit. The design approach needed for a hotel differs from that of a municipal building, but all buildings are rooted in creativity and practicality. All buildings require the same processes to produce with variations, nuances, and innovation injected as needed or desired. Our portfolio is broad and complex; we welcome any new challenge with enthusiasm.

As you explore our portfolio you will see our experience ranges from high-rise, to large mixed use, to municipal, to educational, and includes hotel, retail, and restaurant. The range of the construction values for our projects we have consulted on range from 100K to 100M, and our consulting portfolio totals more than one billion over the history of the firm.

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