Firm Profile

We provide expert consulting services for a broad range of building and development project types. Our firm is comprised of a range of licensed experts capable of tailoring services to each client’s needs and project scope.

In responding to each unique project, we formulate our staff, partners, services, and scope to provide great value and efficiencies to the client. We can not only provide targeted, one-time consulting services, but also complete design/development/construction services. We are flexible, forward thinking, and creative in support of a client’s goals.
The benefits to our clients have been millions of dollars in direct, documented monetary and time savings. Our involvement in a project brings with it an increase level of creativity and resourcefulness. We combine financial, technical, and architectural skills and bring them to bear on every project, providing a comprehensive perspective, while also being able to drill down to the critical details. While our offices are situated in Miami, we have provided services across the country and internationally. Ranging from retail, residential, and commercial to governmental, municipal, and resort/island projects. Our projects and client types demonstrate our broad range of capabilities that can be focused on a single endeavor.

What makes us different is our combination of expertise along with our deep passion to create, design, and build. With a flexible determination, we bring our passion to every project and every client. We simply love what we do.