Our primary expertise is focusing on assembling and leading design/development/construction teams. Typical clients for these services include developers with transaction and investment backgrounds, private owners/investors, as well as institutional clients.

Performing as the owners representative, we shape the team, documents and the execution of the project. We can contribute to savings, efficiencies, better contract negotiations, and more competitive pricing. By analyzing and understanding the financial goals of the client, we can help shape the projects documents/team to meet those goals.

As architects ourselves, we are not driven to strip a building down simply based on costs. Rather, we look to realize the most attractive, high-quality building and end-user experience possible with the resources available.

In addition to leading teams, we have a network of financing sources which we can use to assist clients with their project funding. Financing for public and private projects alike is possible depending on the size and nature of the project. We can evaluate your project and bring the right financing partner to the table.

Our firm can formulate preliminary budgets for a project. Many developers, architects, and/or contractors often engage our firm to do a peer review of their construction documents prior to construction to seek out errors/omissions, areas of greater efficiencies, conflicts, and overall savings. The impact on the overall construction timeline, while difficult to quantify, can clearly be seen in the end product.

Building Development Consultants