Specialty Consulting

Clients come to us with differing needs at differing stages of their projects, and as such we can provide the targeted assistance needed. Such needs include:

Project Genesis

Setting out the broad brushstrokes and determining a direction for the project. Assimilating financial, regulatory, and design constraints, we formulate the initial vision for the project.


We reach out to our network of contractors and other suppliers to determine real-time market costs. We target specific elements or aspects of the project for cost reduction or redesign if necessary.

Crisis Management

Having worked on all sides of the equation in the development industry, our firm is able to understand the priorities and contractual obligations of all team members. Subsequently, we can navigate through the toughest of impasses for our clients. Building trust among team members is a primary goal.

Evaluations/Expert Witness

Our internal staff and engineering partners possess decades of combined experience and are able to provide expert opinions with respect to disputes and evaluations.

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