Green Design

LEED Certification / Green Integration

Mindful of the environment we occupy, our firm encourages and provides LEED consulting services to further the movement of sustainable building as buildings represents 60% of the energy use in our country. Reducing life-cycle costs for clients, and providing a healthier environment for people, while improving the environment is a common mandate.

Municipal and investment grade development projects nowadays encourage, and in most cases, require, a project be certified by the USGBC as a LEED rated project. LEED assistance can be provided either as a stand-alone service for projects, or as a service integrated into projects we produce and manage for our clients.

Green Evaluations/Renovation/Retrofit

We can assist building owners who wish to implement green components into their existing buildings, or upgrade existing buildings verse construction of new structures. Out team will evaluate an existing building, along with a clients’ budget, and formulate a cost effective approach and scope of work. We can also provide assistance in garnering funding, grants, and rebates for projects as well.